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Commercial Services

It is our intention when applicable to provide procurement of materials and adhesives products, logistics of materials and the labor to professionally install materials specified by the architect or lead project manager. We will work closely with on-site project managers to determine most efficient job start-times and will adhere to predetermined timelines. To achieve this we have three fully equipped crews experienced in residential and commercial work settings. Our installers are veterans of the industry and are motivated by WestSide Flooring Co. management to complete jobs by their deadline.

Specializing in:

The benefits of tile and tile products are many. They are durable, easy to care for, scratch resistant, environmentally friendly, water resistant, beautiful and versatile. In addition to tile we offer expert services in:

Installation Services

WestSide Flooring Co. provides installation services for all types of hard-surface materials. We also provide demolition of existing services, substrate preparation and sloping services to guarantee a professional finish. We install all ceramic, porcelain, stone, marble, and travertine products in all patterns and applications. We install these materials on interior and exterior flooring, interior and exterior wall coverings, around pool decking, overhead applications, elevator floor coverings, counter tops, public restrooms, work areas and reception halls.




Marble / Granite